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How IMAT Tuition will Improve your IMAT Score

IMAT Tuition: With your experienced IMAT tutor (*who scored in at least the top 10% nationally during their IMAT year) you will work hard to ensure that you are prepared for every type of question on the day of your IMAT. Your expert tutor will use proven IMAT tuition methods to help you to maximise the score you get in every section of the IMAT. Your tutor will also work with you on the areas of the IMAT that most students struggle with to ensure that you gain marks in areas other students won’t – giving you an advantage that could make the difference between whether or not you gain a place at your first choice medical school.


Your experienced IMAT tutor will have proven rates of success tutoring the IMAT. 

Why Choose UniAdmissions?

With our expert tutors, a dedicated tuition manager, ongoing tutor support until your exam date and access to all of our best-selling IMAT resources; IMAT tuition with UniAdmissions is hard to beat!

Unrivaled Tutors

Every single one of our IMAT tutors scored in at least the top 10% during their IMAT year, has years of experience and proven rates of success.

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The Best Chance of Success

Last year, students who used UniAdmissions were three times more likely to be successful in their Medicine application.

Your Tuition Includes Free IMAT Resources Written by Experts

Available online immediately after booking your tuition package.

Online Lectures

10 hours worth of Online lectures that you can watch and re-watch to learn key strategies + concepts.

Ongoing Support

Email access to your expert tutor until the day of your exam so you’re never alone or stuck.

A Free Copy of The Ultimate IMAT Guide

Our best-selling IMAT guide.

Free- Full Past Paper Worked Answers

Mock papers written by experts to mirror the 2019 IMAT as closely as possible. RRP £60.

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

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Triple Your Chances of Success

Last year our admissions success rate was triple the national average. Our services will provide you with the biggest chance of success.

About UniAdmissions IMAT Tuition

What Our Students Say

30 Hours of Support

Our IMAT tuition gives you the best possible chance of getting the highest score. You can use your hours how you see fit. Here’s an example of 30 hours of expert tuition:

Section 1 of the IMAT contains 22 multiple choice questions which fall into three categories; Problem Solving, Data Handling and Critical Thinking. Your expert tutor will go through all the types of questions in these categories and teach you the most effective ways to answer them.

The Biology question in Section 2 require the least amount of time so the aim in this section is to pool time for use in later sections. Your tutor will teach you efficient methods of reaching the correct answer. They will also cover any gaps in your knowledge that the syllabus requires.

Section 3 is the Chemistry section – most students don’t struggle with this because they studied it at A2. however our tutors have plenty of experience tutoring students who didn’t take Chemistry beyond GCSE level. This is a time pressured section which requires the student to efficiently use time, something your expert tutor will teach you to do correctly.

Section 4 covers both Maths and Physics since they go hand-in-hand. There are many equations which you must know to succeed in this section. Your tutor will go through all of these and provide bespoke questions on areas you are weaker on – this ensures that on test day you have no difficult questions.

You will be taught vital exam techniques and strategies to ensure a strong performance on the day. All teaching is done by senior Oxbridge tutors.

You’ll get access to all of our online resources which will give you plenty of practise on top of the support we will provide.

You will receive 2 paperback books;

  • The Ultimate IMAT Guide
  • IMAT Past Paper Worked Solutions

The IMAT guides contain powerful time-saving strategies that allow you to answer difficult questions within the time limit as well a massive amount of practice questions written in the style and difficulty of the real exams.


Tackle those Problem Areas

Bespoke tuition sessions are a two-way process and the more you put in- the more you’ll get out. Whilst tutors are happy to cover topics that will undoubtedly be useful, you will gain more from the sessions if you come prepared and armed with questions. Students who tend to improve the most are also the ones who persistently ask their tutor for focus on their weaknesses, week after week! We asked our IMAT tutors to give some examples of past sessions that they’ve conducted to give you ideas about what is possible.

“One common scenario that frequently crops up is struggling with critical thinking. To start off, I first go over what each of the important keywords mean e.g. Assumption, Flaw, Conclusion etc. Then we start by looking at relatively simple examples and then slowly build into harder ones. I point out key words that are usually ‘hidden-away’ in the passage that often change the answer and then we examine more difficult questions (usually of a greater length). When they start getting these right, I do timed drills to see if they can use the skills they’ve acquired under time pressure. This does wonders for confidence and I finish the session with some homework that includes more critical thinking questions which we review in the next session.”

David, BMAT & IMAT Tutor

“This is an extremely common scenario since lots of students don’t study physics past GCSE. Thankfully, you can improve pretty rapidly in the physics subsection with some targeted preparation. My first task is to ensure the student can recall all the core equations that can be examined in the IMAT (I have a sheet that I give to help them memorise these). After this we move onto understanding major physics principles like working with SI units, deriving equations from first principles, simplifying complex topics e.g. electric circuits and newtonian mechanics. Then we go onto techniques like how to choose the correct equation and manipulating equations to rapidly arrive at the correct answer. With practice, physics becomes as easy as the other sections.

Rohan, BMAT & IMAT Tutor

UCAT Tuition FAQs

Everyone who signs up to the IMAT tutoring receives all of our IMAT resources which include mock questions, 5 hours of video lectures which you can watch & re-watch, along with fully worked solutions to past papers.

Usually in a location that’s convenient for you and your tutor. In some cases, it may be possible to have the sessions at your house, depending on your location. If you’re not near these locations, you can get tutoring via Skype.

Absolutely, we’d encourage you to do so as the biggest benefits of one-on-one tuition are that you can get time with your tutor to work on exactly what you want to. Make sure you give your tutor enough notice (at least 5 days) for them to prepare the appropriate materials.

If you haven’t had your first session yet, call our team on 020 8064 0770 to start things off. Your dedicated tuition manager will match you with a tutor that is best suited for your needs and call or email you to confirm the time and location of the first tutorial. This is usually done within 24 hours.

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